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Automated inheritance refactoring

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Over time, we all gain experience and insight in deciding how to generalize the principle actors of our problem domains into different layers of abstraction to minimize the amount of code we write. After awhile, this practice becomes tedious and one begins to wonder whether or not it is feasible to have an integrated refactoring (in our IDE of choice) that will review our class inheritance hierarchy and suggest to us an idealized class inheritance hierarchy. After all, an optimal solution would be able to identify relationships that our minds would otherwise not be able to fathom- as is the case as our code bases and development costs increase.

What we’re really interested in is an automated version of Extract Superclass that takes in a collection of classes and returns some number of superclasses. Thing is, we are back to our original problem where we have a collection of classes that we want to generalize. If we continue this process as a feedback loop we end up eventually with an irreducible collection of classes. The original collection along with the rest of the generated collections constitute the idealized class inheritance hierarchy.

During the mid-nineties this topic was the subject of a handful of masters and doctorate programs but since then, there seems to be a significant gap in the flow of academic material on the subject. Furthermore, there seems to be little recent evidence from industry to indicate work being done on a solution. Is such a solution simply not needed? Are the outputs of solutions impractical? What is the blocking element to adoption? The only evidence of this idea getting any momentum is given by Guru– a solution targeted at the Self programming language. Where are the solutions for C++, Java, C# et al.?


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2008-07-20 at 8:00 pm

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